Slow Winter Sunday.

Today’s post is more of a collage of a slow, mid-winter Sunday here on the Acre. My husband was out early this morning helping our neighbors take down their solar hot water panels. Once we get the barn and greenhouse built, we will use these panels to heat our stock tanks and to warm the greenhouse during the long, cold winters in the high country – and perhaps have a hot tub for cooler summer nights, we’ll see… The kids and I were able to get the house tidy before we all sat down for lunch. After lunch, we started a project for Valentine’s Day which involves turning playing cards into flowers – something we will give to teachers, daycare providers, and eachother. Then we bundled up for a quick walk down to the river a few hundred yards from the edge of our property to gather sticks for our ‘flowers,’ pinecones for starting fires in the woodstove, and (of course!) to throw rocks in the river and marvel at the beauty of our surroundings. (This was both baby-Wyatt’s and Sami’s first trip to the river, by the way. Which is probably why Sami trusted the ice enough to go for a stroll on it…and fell in…) As we picked pinecones, Maya and Walden learned how to tell the difference between a Ponderosa, Pinion, and Doug Fir tree. We were lucky enough to stumble upon an antler that had been rubbed off as well as some lynx scat. It reminded me that one of my goals is to impress upon the children that seeing ‘evidence’ of animals can be just as important as seeing the animals themselves. We then let Maya lead the way back to the house to let her get a feel for her own sense of direction which, as you would expect, is that of a 5 year old’s…and therefore she required a bit of help. She did assure us that she was using her brain to think, though, and I guess that made me feel better? Well, we did make it back home safely and are currently enjoying cups of hot cocoa and black coffee, though I really wish the kids would stop drinking coffee after 1 pm…..HA! Only joking. I am going to try to start a batch of goat milk soap before the afternoon is up and it becomes time to prepare for the busy week ahead….. Here are some photos, which I promise to try to include more of with each post. Here’s to living a full life, sometimes slowly.

Paper Roses for Valentine's Day.

Sami trusting the ice.

Family photo at the river.

Throwing rocks into the river.

Gathering pinecones to use as firestarters.

Getting ready to head home for coffee and hot cocoa.


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