The Word.

I don’t know where I acquired my love of words. I feel like it’s something that was given to me by the universe, by some insightful soul able to divine the necessity for words in this life of mine. I appreciate the way they ring, echoing off of one another, folding into each other like pieces of a puzzle, like lovers greeting each other after a lengthy separation. I love the way some of them feel when they roll off the tongue, when you combine them just so, and they linger in the air, perfectly tangible. I revere their embrace, that feeling that washes over you when certain words encompass your being and they seem to say: we know how you feel, we’ve been there before, we will make it right, just hear us and be still. They can evoke instinctual inclinations within us, remind of us old souls, long forgotten, and transport us to another time in our lives as fervently as a familiar smell or authentic reverie.

Words can be true:

you blind me

with your

com plic ated


and your under-

lying simplicity;

a beauty

im possible

to gauge.

then i

see you,



at me,


and i



Words can be rumor:

rumor has it

that you and i

are through,

so say the stars

and the sun

and the moon.

the clouds they whisper

as they all pass,

tell their secrets

to each blade of grass.

the trees bow their heads

and wince at my pain,

like they bow to the snow

and the wind

and the rain.

the thunder-

heads rumble

as i continue to fumble

again and again

and again and again.

Words can, quite simply, be:

i stand

in front of you

naked and true.

love you like the moon,

as deep

as she is blue.

But, no matter what words actually end up being, they need to be passed along:


i want you to know

how it started,

how you started;

love is not perfect

or unkind,

it always

shows you something

you needed to see –

and yours

are the eyes

through which

we found it.

…love always, mom.

It’s easy to say words that don’t ring true or carry too little meaning. So take some time today and speak words that are honest, meaningful, passionate, kind. Everyone will be better for it. Everyone.



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