The Mad Dash

It’s official: the mad dash is on. We have been working on the barn steadily now for almost a month, and even though progress is being made, we are still a little bit behind schedule at the moment. The barn raising is a mere 6 weeks away, though we actually hope to have a most of the actual framing done by then in order to expedite the work being done at the barn raising party and mostly use it as an excuse to see friends, hear good music, and do enough work to feel good about getting fairly drunk to the sweet sounds of a local, live bluegrass band. We are using this weekend to play ‘catch-up’ in the hopes that we can get all of our posts in the ground and the stemwall forms built in order to do our final conrete pour later this week. We also had to move our layers out of the brooder to make room for the new turkeys coming in this week. ….And maybe I said ‘yes’ to a few baby piglets that were for sale on a nearby ranch….maybe. So this weekend is a work weekend, though we managed to also throw in the construction of a HUGE sandbox for the kids to play in while we work next to them on more pressing matters. This happens on occasion; after a long, weary week at work, we come home to find a pile of more work. And although we find it to be enjoyable work, it can’t be compared to sitting in the sun with an icy, cold margarita while doing nothing more than getting a tan…but we grin and bear it, include the kids in all projects, and generally have a good time while we work to make our dreams come true. So, how did it go? Well, lets just say we kicked ass, took names, and got a pretty good tan while we were at it….

Stemwall forms for the greenhouse portion of the barn.



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