Fast Approaching.

Mt Princeton through the grass.

I didn’t really realize that Thanksgiving was here already, but here it is. We have been so busy on the Acre that we haven’t even planned our menu yet – something I’m usually weeks ahead on. Normally, we would have chosen our bird, put him in the freezer, planned the menu, purchased ingredients, and started prepping for the cooking by now. I have yet to choose the turkey, though I have had my eye on our beautiful Bourbon Red tom. And instead of spending a day in the kitchen doing food prep, the kids and I will be headed over to the new farm to check on the crew and toss some hay. Then I figure we’ll go exploring in one of the smaller pastures along the creek and survey the fence line. It would be nice to have another winter paddock carved out before winter really sets in. Especially since we are trying to schedule a herd pickup at the end of this week. A new herd. I didn’t actually think I would be saying those words for a while, yet here I am, sitting in my pj’s, sipping coffee, typing about it on my computer, and silently freaking out about it in my head. Eeeeeeep! Instead of being married to one cow, a cute calf, and a bad-baby, I will be married to a small herd of cows. Luckily for me, the Acre has taken on a partner…not just one partner, but a herd of partners: the Halk Family herd. Haven and Matt have three beautiful girls that range in ages similar to our three children. Matt and I will be doing the bulk of the management and work as both Haven and my husband maintain full-time jobs in the Valley. Then, of course, once all of our six children are old enough to do all of the hard work, we will all four sit back and relax over cocktails and sunsets as our brood labors off in some distant field…no? That’s not how the story ends? Damn…. Anyhoo, I will introduce them to you formally in an upcoming post, and I know you will love them as much as we do! Until then, from our Acre to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.


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