We have started harvesting for our first Hugelkultur beds here on the Acre. There are a number of downed Cottonwoods on the acreage we are leasing for our Summer pasture. We will use these trees for the border and the base of our beds.


There are whole trunks which we can buck for the borders of the beds. There are also plenty of downed limbs which we can use to fill the interior of the beds.


Using these resources, we can build the base of the beds around the Acre. We will then top them with layers of cardboard, newspaper, and manure before we top it off with topsoil. Then we will let them winter over before we plant them in the spring.


Hopefully this will allow us to grow some grain crops with maximum water efficiency. What should we start with? Stay tuned to see the progress of these beds. Yay!


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