Honor the Beast.


I never would have imagined that our first box of baby chicks would turn into a small family farm. I certainly couldn’t have imagined that, seven years later, we would be operating a business selling our farm products. It has been a long, hard journey with a mixture of failures and successes. Which is why, when we were trying to come up with a motto for the Acre, we knew we had to get it just right. It was my husband’s idea; Honor the Beast. I immediately fell in love with how concise it was, how it held many translations, and how it made me feel about the work we are doing. Our goal is to Honor the Beast in its production, its day-to-day life, and in its death. We also strive to Honor the Beast by utilizing as much of the animal as possible. As a consumer, we hope that you are choosing to Honor the Beast within you by buying pure, unadulterated, and humanely raised meat products. It’s as simple as that.

“The Crowded Acre is an ‘experiment’ in sustainable living and homesteading in the High Country of Central Colorado. As such, the products we offer will be ever changing and evolving based on our successes and failures. We also have a slightly different approach to raising our animals in that we try and allow them time to come into their own. We don’t like to push our hens to produce beyond their means, we allow our heritage turkeys to grow over a longer period, we balance the protein in our feeds to benefit the animal’s health as opposed to the animal’s growth rate. To be honest, this means that we spend a lot more time raising animals for their specified products and we make a smaller profit for it. We feel that the market demands a place for sustainable animal products in which our ‘clients’ are the animals themselves…you and I are merely beneficiaries of the process. Please look into our offerings if you can identify with our mission: To provide the finest in animal husbandry and care, resulting in unique products which honor the animal before the consumer.” – from The Crowded Acre website, ‘the Products’ page http://www.thecrowdedacre.com


One thought on “Honor the Beast.

  1. Hi Jen,We so enjoyed visiting with you at your parents and we loved seeing the kids. Can you please use my gmail address for your blog: vicshanahan@gmail.com. I bet if I were smarter I would be able to redirect the ones that come to this account, but, sorry, I’m not!Love, Victoria

    Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 20:49:34 +0000 To: vicshanahan@hotmail.com

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