Thankful Giving.


Soon we will process the only two hens we have left in our flock after the dog attacks this past spring. Even though we won the judgment in court against the owner of the dog, I haven’t seen but two small payments on our losses. It makes the rebuilding effort harder than the original building effort. We lost our goats, our rabbits, and our breeding flock of Narragansett and Blue Slate turkeys as well as a few hens. It was heartbreaking.

We have decided to process out our remaining Narragansett hens because they will be almost three by the time our new toms are ready to mate, and not as efficient at laying by then. There are other reasons too, but this one weighs heavily on me. So we have decided to turn them into meaningful congregations at the table; Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I will miss them deeply. This spring we will raise a new flock. I can’t wait to hear the new birds call to me like a thousand drops of water on a still pond. Like a thousand drops of water on my still heart.


4 thoughts on “Thankful Giving.

  1. Oh I am so sorry for your losses and in experiencing such a brutal attack. It is strange to me how wild predators can take what they need, when they need it, and in an elegant, calculated way. Domestic pets sometimes seem to have acquired “our human” voracious appetite for killing, destroying, indiscriminately, without mercy or thought to collateral damage. Thank goodness this is not always so, but it is sad that the owners of these marauders have not taken responsibility. We had some heritage turkeys last year and it truly was the best we ever had. I’d love to trade you lamb for poultry next year, and I’ll definitely try and have some Welsummers for you. Enjoy your birds, and the life well lived. xoxo

    • We had been on the fence about getting a Livestock Guard Dog….this event made up our minds for us. Our dog protects all the animals, most of all the chickens. They are hard little buggers to keep safe. 🙂

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