Bad Baby Junior

Today we decided to move the Jersey heifers back to our property along with little Alan. I had planned on bringing the Jersey girls back to work with them in the stanchion and continue their halter training. Normally, it’s butt-ass cold here in January and so I thought that was when they would be joining us here…but winter is off to a particularly cold and snowy start, forcing me to move that date up a bit. Alan gets to come home because he continues to worm his way through the five strand barbed-wire fencing…ever the fence-whisperer….and I would literally die if he ended up getting hit on the icy roads around the other property. We also welcomed home our two yearling bulls after they spent most of late summer and fall servicing a herd of young heifers up in Leadville. My poo removing duties have grown from a cow-calf pair to a cow-calf pair, two yearling bulls, two Jersey heifers, and an Alan. Yay.

The girls show up for breakfast, but little Alan is on the other side of the fence.

The girls show up for breakfast, but little Alan is on the other side of the fence.

I honestly thought that our cow collection would go smoothly today. Alan and Honey Bunny are halter trained. Little Luna is not, but she’s *just* a yearling…how hard could this be? Heh-he. Ha-ha. Hoo-hoo.

This will be easy, right?

This will be easy, right?

Alan and Honey Bunny walked right onto the trailer….and then Luna happened. We spent a few minutes cutting and roping her out of the herd. The part where she threw herself on the ground, rolled her eyes back into her head, and pretended to have a seizure was especially fun.

Really? Your legs don't work? Cute.

Really? Your legs don’t work? Cute.

Then we got her out of the paddock and heading towards the trailer….when her legs decided to stop working, completely. Heh-he. Ha-ha. Hoo-hoo. We decided to work smart, not hard, so we backed the trailer up to her resting spot. She could tell we were outsmarting her, so she jumped to her feet. We were able to use that forward momentum to get her front feet on the trailer….until her legs stopped working again and she dropped to the ground. Half-in, half-out of the bleepity-bleepin’ trailer.

So close...and yet, so far away.

So close…and yet, so far away.

“Ummm, hello Craigslist? Yes, I have a cow for sale.”

Ok, we managed to somehow slide her out of the trailer, backed her up, and literally ran her into the trailer and she folded and crumpled all but one leg into the trailer as she tried to collapse again in an attempt to avoid any sort of forward motion. Betch. But now that she’s *in* the trailer, she’s my betch.

My three girls, together again.

My three girls, together again.


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