Bring On The New

How do you ring in the New Year on a farm?


With a gift of lacto-fermented, air-cured, top-notch sausage…and a vow to produce this same product with our own hands from our own pigs this time next year.


And enjoying the finest homemade pizza, with said sausage, and other fine ingredients.


And cremini mushrooms stuffed with the finest, sautéed, local baby greens, onion, and garlic…soon to be topped with an imported Roquefort before being devoured. And a promise to inoculate some freshly cut Poplars this spring, using a variety of mushroom plugs, to tuck away into the hugenormous root cellar we have yet to utilize.


And finally, our stuffed jalapeños topped with our own bacon. We provide all of the necessary ingredients for this dish, but none of them lasts for long around here….we are lucky to get them all together a couple times a year for a devilishly indulgent bite.


And finally, by reading up on a new endeavor for the spring. As you can see, we don’t need to go out in order to enjoy ourselves this fine evening…or any other evening for that matter. Happy New Years, from our Crowded hearts to yours. ❤


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