As a Girl…

My three girls, together again.

My three girls, together again.

As a girl and as a writer, I learned early on that heartbreak made for a good story.

I have lost two cows in two months. First, little Luna. Now, my head milk cow, my favorite girl, my Deluxe.

I have decided that good stories are overrated. I would rather have a short story, a haiku. I would rather not have the heartbreak.

They are gone and I am broken. I may not heal. Is this a sign? I will wait until the whiskey-haze subsides in order to decide….

…for now, To Deluxe.



6 thoughts on “As a Girl…

  1. Words, words, words. I wish I had some healing ones for you, dearest girl. My heart absolutely breaks for you, and I do know your pain when it happened to my favorite Gert. I am so sorry. No pain like it, but you will heal, with a scar, as scars are also a reminder of our deep lost love. May these words of mine somehow reach out to you in love and comfort.

    • They do, and I am grateful. I will have the full story up in a day or two, but for now, I am drunk. I am drunk and I am in a messy pile on the floor. If I didn’t have my wonderful husband, I wouldn’t have this luxury….but since I do, I am taking full advantage. Thank you. ❤

  2. You obviously have good taste in Scotch and I hope the hangover isn’t too bad. In your position I think I’d need a couple of stiff drinks too. I’m sure you’ll soon be back out there fighting, coping, surviving and in time laughing, a little older and a little wiser.

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