A Day’s Work


Warmer days blow through.
Spring is in her prime and throws
One hell of a party.

Life is burgeoning
While the water is rising
And love is tangible.

The mornings are rushed
Followed by the afternoon’s
Careful saunter.
Then a gathering of
Women around a table.
I wish for time to stand still.

After, we are joined
By a friend I must have known
A long time ago.
I don’t quite know why,
But I loved her hard and fast
From the moment we first met.

Summer is on her way
And she makes no qualms about it.
I ready myself
For the change she brings.
My mind, my body always
On the move.

I look forward to
The cool nights punctuating
The blistering days,
For the chance to count
My new flock of sheep to ease
My thoughts into slumber.


3 thoughts on “A Day’s Work

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