A Country Mouse Can Survive

Just in case you were worried about this little country mouse…I survived Ikea. We fed the animals early and headed out for the big city first thing Wednesday morning. I considered wearing a skirt but couldn’t stand the thought of my thighs audibly high-fiving each other everywhere I went, so I stuck with my usual jean shorts and tank top. We had lunch shortly after we arrived, then cautiously sauntered into the giant warehouse. I walked away without a single purchase, though I am still wondering if that squeeze tube of pureed crab product might have been worth it…

We took the kids to the amusement park later that day and finished it all off with a short date night at a horrible restaurant. After being in the food industry for so long, I can hardly find a decent place to eat. Everything is over seasoned, over cooked, and over priced. Poop. We stayed the night in Denver before going to the zoo the following afternoon. Zoos make me sad and that is all I’m going to say about that.

We drove home that evening, getting stuck in pre-4th of July traffic. Yay. We managed to entertain ourselves during the five hour trip (twice as long as normal) by eating leftover lunch for dinner, having a dance-off, and playing the always irritating game of copycat. I was more than happy to make it home and see the animals. I love where I live and who I live with…I can’t imagine it any other way.


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