Blow Up Your TV

Someone I no longer know once said to me, “Go to school, finish your studies, get a job and make a living. Then, if you want to move to a cabin in the woods, do it because it is your choice, not because it is the only option you have.”

I didn’t finish school and I may not be great at making large amounts of money. But I am great at making a life and a home in my cabin in the woods. And what do you know…I didn’t have to get a career in order to buy myself the option of a life worth living. I just live it, day to day.

I don’t begrudge that person or their advice to me, but I do think that too many people think success is a one-sided story. It starts with this and ends with that. This just isn’t true, for so many reasons. Too many people do what they are “supposed” to do instead of what they long to do. Me? I’m just over here blowin’ up my tv and eatin’ more peaches…


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