What’s that? Oh, just the best week ever here on the Acre. 


We started the week with Clara giving us 13 piglets in a 6 hour span. Yay!




The following morning we welcomed 10 new Muscovy ducklings into the fold. We are hoping they will help to control the fly population…and provide some yummy meat in the process. 




Luckily Annabellie decided to give us 36 hours after Clara’s farrowing before she decided to grace us with 8 new piglets of her own. Last year we had a 12 hour separation between farrowings…that caused us to lose a lot of sleep!



That same afternoon was followed by washing and delivering eggs as well as a meeting for The Farmers Femme. We are a group of women farmers that get together to talk about the trials and tribulations of being a woman farmer in a man’s world. Awesomesauce.


Today my husband was able to come home early after a week full of fire calls and late night trainings. We decided to spend the afternoon boiling skulls from the cows we had processed in January.




We also rode the 4wheelers down to my parents’ new home on the Acre, aka our future retirement home. What is the weight rating on the 4wheelers, you ask? We don’t know because we don’t ask those kinds of questions…




But really, is there a better ending to a better week? A glass of wine, a 4wheeler ride, 21 new piglets in the barn, a dead battery at the top of the hill, new ducklings, future pork shares for a potential multi-farm meat CSA, happy kids, open fire, excited husband, slow weekend ahead…gotta love this life, gotta life I love.





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