Tomorrow might be a bad day.

Tomorrow I might have to choose to put my horse down. My five year old, friend for the next 25 years, best guy ever, horse.

My Alex.

It’s a long story. One which I don’t wish to recount tonight.

Tonight I am hoping beyond all hope that a miracle happens.

Tonight I can’t think about what this all would mean.

Tomorrow is not a thing to worry about, not as long as we have tonight.

I may sleep in the barn. Or maybe I will not sleep…in the barn.

I definitely won’t sleep.


7 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Oh my friend, I am hoping with all hope for a miracle! Dearest lovely Alex, and you. Sleep and rest. Love will carry you. I cross the pond today and high in the clouds, our thoughts will be for Alex and you. Xoxo

  2. So sorry; loosing a loved one(yes, even a horse) is not easy. I realized after I dropped Maya’s birthday card in the mail, it was early! Apologize to her for me. Thanks, Gramona

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