for Alex

driving out of the valley
pulling a big horse
in a small trailer.
I try to keep
my spirits high
as I drop down
out of the mountains.
aiming towards
the plains below
I meet up with
the north fork of the south platte
and I follow it down
no matter how intent I am
or how fast I go
I will never be as fast
as a single
drop of water.

my heart flows
like that water does
through valleys and canyons
fields and ravines.
originating from the mountaintops,
cutting through centuries-old
earth and rock.
flowing through time
with a history

but unlike that water
my heart stops
when we reach the plains.
it heaves heavy
and deep.
it weeps at the passing
of water
and other things.

it breaks,
it leaves pieces of me
I will never look
for them again.
they are gone forever.

unlike that water
my heart knows
when it is time
to flow uphill
to pull an empty trailer
back up that mountain
so it may start the journey
all over again,
this time anew:

a luxury water
will only ever hope
to behold.


2 thoughts on “for Alex

  1. Bucephalus himself could not hold a candle to Magnificent Alex. My heart utterly breaks for you, and I long for soothing words for your soul. All I can offer at this time are tears, love and great admiration.

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