Look for the Heart

I have been organizing meetings and get-togethers for my women farmers group, The Farmers Femme, now for six months.

When I first had the idea to start the group, I asked my friend and fellow woman farmer, Beth, if she thought it was a good idea. She agreed that it was. Then we spent the next hour trying to figure out exactly WHO to invite! Since then, the group has grown to over 20 members in a few short months. This may not sound like much if you live in the city…but in a rural area, encompassing a 100-mile diameter foodshed, we have over 20 woman-run farms thriving and supporting one another! Yay!

Of course there are some pretty amazing men supporting some of us ladies – and they are not to be forgotten. But when you look for the heart of it all, you will find a woman. I have found many women I am proud to call friends in my quest to gain support in my agricultural endeavors. From North Carolina to California, I have found women willing to help me or support me or befriend me simply for the fact that we share a simple love of the land and the animals that roam it. I couldn’t be more grateful for these women than I am right now, especially as I set to work planning the first annual celebration of women in agriculture (perhaps a different official name) to grace the stages of Buena Vista, Co.

So if you happen to be lucky enough to know a woman farmer of any pace – from the walk of the homestead to the gallop of the commercial farm – give her a hug and let her know just how awesome she is!


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