Fall Field Trip

We have started the homeschool year in earnest. We are still waiting for the birth of a fall NDG kid, putting the garden to bed, stacking hay, and working hard to wean the filly from the mare … but it was high time we started our school year before it got too late in the season. And what better way to do that than with a field trip to Aspen Ridge.

Valley view.

Valley view.

We always park at the same spot every year and hike up into the aspens for a picnic lunch. This year, the kids were identifying the wildflowers and helping me pick rose hips. I think this is the first year we didn’t have to carry one of the kids in a backpack.

Up the road to the trail.

Up the road to the trail.

After we made our way up into the aspens, we stopped at our favorite clearing for lunch. We identified some baby bear scat nearby, but didn’t see any tracks.

Little bear.

Little bear.

After lunch we found a tree to climb, just like a bear would do. We each took turns going as high as we could muster.

The boy bears.

The boy bears.

It made Mama Bear and Papa Bear long for the good ol’ days of rock climbing.





Maybe on the next field trip, we will travel up to the granite crags on the pass and pretend to be mountain goats.


After showing the kids “how it’s done,” we walked back down through the thickest parts of the aspens. Well, most of us walked…

Who says bears can't piggy back?

Hitchin’ a ride.

And we explored the forest floor.


And we ran through every clearing we came across.


And we hugged the beautiful, showy trees as they waved goodbye to us in the wind.

Tree-hugger bear.

Tree-hugger bear.

Then we found ourselves back at our favorite overlook of our favorite valley.


And we snapped a quick family photo before heading down into the valley to pick up our CSA veggies from Farmer Beth. The kids lovingly refer to her veggies as ‘Bethetables’ or ‘Beggies’ for short.


See ya later Aspen Ridge.


Maybe I will blog more about homeschooling this year. I have considered trying to blog more regularly so I can make sure to cover the common things as well as the sensational-tearjerking-jump-for-joy stuff. We shall see….


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