Birthday Parties


I’m a big fan of a good birthday party.

Especially one you can bring a gift of baby chicks to…even if you have to stop on the side of the road and dispatch one of the chicks with a swift boot heel because it was accidentally squirshed by an unknowing boy-child in the back of the truck. Oooops.

…Nothing to see here folks. Just an exercise in farmgirl mercy. Move it along…

I also like the kind of party when you have to debate, as a family, whether to bring the four-year-old birthday girl a princess dress, chicken fingers, or a grass-fed T-bone steak. Obviously the princess dress is the safest bet. But you also bring more chickens, because it’s becoming your “thing.”

…I’m still going to cook her a T-bone the next time they come over…

Given our track record of bringing chickens to birthday parties, I hope we continue to get invitations…

I think what I’m trying to say is that I love having good, solid friends. The kind that have kids that get along with your kids so well that you hardly notice you are seriously outnumbered by little people. It doesn’t even matter that you have to slaughter a small animal just to feed all of you for a single meal – the company is worth it, hands down. The kind that have kids that know the difference between straw and hay, and they play with chicken feet – even after they have been removed from the chicken. The kind that, no matter where or when you meet, the whiskey flows as thick as the curse words. And laughter. The laughter is as good as it gets. The laughter is the best part.

You secretly hope that one of your kids will marry one of their kids. That it will seal you as family. Solidify a lifelong relationship that will carry you through the years.

Until then, you will share stories, tears, laughter, and chickens…as friends.

Once the children marry, you will bring chickens over with or without a birthday party invitation…

Ahhhh, yesssssssssss.


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